Why Am I Not Getting Promoted?

It has been weeks, months or even years since you were promised a promotion, or a raise, or any kind of recognition for all the hard work that you do. You are working hard, you are enthusiastic and you have a great work ethic,  but you are still last in line to get chosen for promotion. Here are some of the reasons that people get overlooked for promotion at their jobs:

You Do Not Have The Right Qualifications 

The problem:

Not everybody gets to write Matric, and of those that do write Matric over 50% fail. You are not alone. With every job you will need to expand your knowledge and skills to get ahead. A qualification will always impress your boss and make them realise that you are a valuable asset. But what if you do not have a Matric certificate? Does that mean you cannot study further and improve your chances of promotion?

The solution:

You do not need a Matric to study further! You can easily register for a course that does not require a Matric. If you have work experience then there are a range of options available to you. Why not investigate some of these courses and find out how to level up your skills and get that promotion that you want. You can even study fully accredited courses from the Institute for Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). Courses such as the Business Management Courses offered through places like TWP Academy can give you the edge you need in your next interview.

When you are looking for a job, usually the job advertisement will say: “Minimum Qualification Required – Matric Certificate”. Just because an advertisement says “Matric Required”, do not believe them. When you want to apply for a promotion… you will see the same kind of thing: “Academy Qualification Required To apply for this Promotion – Matric Certificate”.

Why am I saying you should not believe it? Because any competent Human Resources Department will say more than just “Matric Required” when they advertise a job or a promotion. In South Africa today, we all recognise that people can have different levels of expertise, knowledge, and qualifications. Often it is simply based on the opportunities you got in your life. And the opportunities you did not get.

You Are Not Confident

The Problem:

Confidence talks. If you are not confident in your own ability at work then how can your boss feell confident in you? It will not matter how long you have been there or how hard you have worked, you simply will not get noticed , which mean that you will not get promoted either.

The Solution:

The first thing you need to do is think about one small thing that you can do differently to be appear confident. It can be changing your posture when you sit up and stand to present, or maybe your voice when you speak with your boss or collegues, and if you are happy with the quality of your work change the way you speak about it. Do not down play your achievements. Your confidence will show your boss that you know what you are doing and are secure enough to run a team and get results.

You Are Not Thinking Like The Boss

The Problem:

If you want to move up the company ladder you need to think like your boss. Many people do not approach their work the way that their boss would or in a way that is in the best interests of the company. So if you see yourself as just an employee, or as someone working for the company, then your employer will see you that way too – which means that they can not trust you to run a department.

The Solution:

put yourself in the mind of your boss or the company, observe the way you interact with your co-workers and your boss. Do you express how you feel about the company? Do you moan, gossip and complain? Ask yourself if you would do all of that if you were one of the company owners.

You Take Criticism Personally

The Problem:

You let your feelings get hurt whenever you receive the slightest criticism about your work. Sure no one likes to think that they are doing poorly at their job but sometime criticism is meant to help you to improve. It doesn’t matter if your boss dismisses your entire presentation, remember to separate yourself from your work and take criticism with a gratitude and with curiosity.

The Solution:

Never, ever get defensive rather get curious to learn.Ask yourself how you reacted the last time you received feedback from your boss? What would you do differently with the next feedback? In fact, as a bonus, go ahead and request his feedback on a recent project and listen to learn, an attitude like this will put you in the eye of the boss and get you that promotion.

You Let Your Work Do The Talking

The Problem:

Even if your work is brilliant and you think it will speak for itself, unfortunately you are already expected to do your job – and do it well! Nobosy else is going to speak up for your work on your behalf so it’s up to you to promote your work and make sure that your boss knows that you are working hard.

The Solution:

You need to not only speak for what you have done but also how it brings value to the company.Schedule feedback sessions with your boss to talk about your recent accomplishments and describe to him how they impact the team, the organization and the company. This will show your boss that you understand what it takes to make the business work efficiently and that you know how to achieve the goals of the company.

So there you have it, a quick guide to getting on top of your career and getting ahead of the game – simply and easily.


Last Updated: June 4, 2018