UNISA – University of South Africa.  It is one of the biggest universities in the world, and it gives the opportunity of a brighter future to hundreds of thousands of students.  Not 0nly in South Africa, but across the globe.  We love UNISA.  Without UNISA 400,000 students that are studying today definitely would not have had the opportunity to study towards a degree.  They pick up a lot of flack, some of it justified, but if we did not have UNISA many of us would not be able to study at all.  And the reason why they seem to have so many problems?  Because they are helping SO MANY students!  So statistically they are bound to have more things go wrong.  UNISA has our backing, and we will do everything in our power to assist UNISA students – they are bravest, hardest working students in the country. Go UNISA!

Some Awesome facts about UNISA:

  1. UNISA is considered a “mega-university”, and with over 400,000 students enrolled it is one of the biggest in the world
  2. It is considered the 2nd best university in Africa after UCT (The African Economist, 2013)
  3. UNISA is over 140 years old. It started out as the University of the Cape of Good Hope in 1837.
  4. UNISA was a forerunner of long distance education when they began to teach exclusively through distance learning in 1946. This was revolutionary.
  5. UNISA has provided education without discrimination – you could always study through them regardless of your colour, nationality, race or creed.

UNISA is the biggest distance-learning institution in Africa, and the oldest open-distance education university in the world. A third of South Africa’s university students use UNISA and it is also one of the largest universities on the planet.  Imagine how many lives UNISA changes when you think that they service 400,000 students!


Last Updated: June 4, 2018