UNISA Study Groups

The main function of Together We Pass is to offer dynamic study groups for UNISA students.

Once you sign up and join a study group, you will have access to:

    • A multitude of resources for your UNISA course – these can include past papers, tutorials and relevant podcasts. These resources have been growing for five years.
    • An assignment tool to help you compare multiple choice answers for assignments with other students.
    • Revision to check your answers instantly (currently only available for ECS1501).
    • A student forum to discuss ideas and assignments and improve your understanding of course material.


Find out more about UNISA study groups at Together We Pass:

What UNISA has to say about study groups:

  1. Study groups offer opportunities to discuss problems
  2. Students can check how their own understanding of a course compares to how others understand it.
  3. Students have the opportunity to link new subject matter to sections of the work they’ve already mastered.


Why you need UNISA study groups:

  • Being cut off and removed from your lecturers and fellow students is one of the major disadvantages of distance education.
  • Keeping motivated over the many years it takes to complete a part-time degree presents unique obstacles when confronting the problem alone.
  • Not having any help when you are stuck can seriously affect your motivation.
  • Studying from a distance means that you get no person-to-person tuition.
  • The MyUNISA website is often unhelpful and lacks resources such as study notes and answers to past papers.


Would you like to sign up for a Together We Pass study group?

Benefits of a Together We Pass Study Group

Together We Pass have been offering UNISA study groups to students for the past 6 years. We have helped over 8000 students and have developed a system that helps students in as many ways as possible:

  • A dedicated community manager is always on hand to help manage comments, find lecturers and explain how to use the resources that are available.
  • UNISA students can sell their old textbooks – just send us the details and we will post it on the forum for current students to buy them.
  • Get weekly tips and help with your professional development on the Together We Pass Professional Network.

We hope you join us soon to benefit from our UNISA study groups.

Together We Pass also supports other distance learning colleges including, TWP Academy, Skills Academy, Home Study Group and the Learning Group, just to name a few. You can find multiple students from many of these colleges who are studying the same courses as you. Students have found it especially helpful for ICB Accredited Courses.


Last Updated: June 4, 2018