TWP Academy courses

TWP Academy courses are high quality, fully accredited and are all offered via distance learning.  That means you can earn while you study, and keep getting that valuable work experience that potential employers look for on any CV when they are looking at hiring anyone.


TWP Academy Courses


Want to know what courses TWP Academy offers?  Here is your list of TWP Academy courses:

ICB Financial Accounting Qualifications


Here are the qualifications that you can study in the Financial Accounting programme:




ICB Office Administration Qualifications


These are the Office Administration courses that we have available at TWP Academy



ICB Business Management Qualifications


These are the ICB business management courses that you can take with college:



ICB Public Sector Accounting Qualifications


If you want to work for government these are the courses you can study:



ICB Entrepreneurship Qualifications


For anyone wanting to start their own business you will gain the skills and knowledge you need with these courses:




TWP Academy short courses


The college also offers a range of short courses aimed at improving someones skills, rather than offering them a full qualification.



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Last updated:  June 15, 2017

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