Together We Pass

Together We Pass Helps Students Pass exams, by bringing UNISA, Matric and other Home Study students together, in private study groups, giving them the necessary support they need to pass their exams with flying colours.

Together We Pass offers an online social learning service to UNISA students. Over the past 6 years they have helped over 12500 students, and had amazing feedback on how well the system works. Together We Pass students have received some of the highest marks at UNISA.

  • Together We Pass believes that peer-to-peer social learning study groups are a great and cost-effective way for UNISA students to get the support they need to pass.
  • Together We Pass believes that every UNISA student can improve their understanding (and their marks) if the discuss their courses, collaborate on assignments or exam revision and share their study resources.
  • Together We Pass will continue to find new and better way to help their students, and make sure that “Together We Pass”.

Together We Pass offers registered students’ access to study resources, UNISA assignment comparison, a student forum that is grouped by subject and group revision before exams so that:

  • You never need to feel alone in your studies  – experience studying together with old and new friends as you all learn more about your courses. You’ll be surrounded by like minded individuals.
  • You can ask all your difficult questions – listen to what your study group friends have to say, and learn from a different perspective.
  • You can improve your understanding – discuss the things you don’t understand and help others when they need help. Many minds make short work of any problem.
  • You can discuss difficult concepts – it doesn’t matter what you get stuck on, there will always be a guide or someone to help. You’ll love being part of the community.
  • You can improve your marks and outcome – you’ll notice that your understanding, and therefore your marks, will improve. You can look forward to a brighter future with our help.

TWP Academy

Since Together We Pass has grown so much since it’s beginning, it created another business called TWP Academy. The aim of this business is  to provide fully accredited courses to help people further their careers. They’ve worked tirelessly to make sure the courses on offer are valuable and recognisable.

These courses include:

Together We Pass

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Last Updated: June 4, 2018