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Together  We Pass helps students at UNISA, studying matric or with the ICB prepare for their studies, and their exams.  Together We Pass has become synonymous with the UNISA in recent years, as thousands of UNISA students join the Together We Pass study groups to help make sure they pass their course.

Where did the name Together We Pass come from?


The name Together We Pass describes the idea that with social learning, if you study together,we can pass together..

The power of the group in learning is an amazing thing.

Very easy and truly explains the heart of exactly what the company intends to provide to the students.


Exactly what does Together We Pass do?

In 2008 Together We Pass was launched to offer study groups for UNISA students.  In the beginning they only used email, but later on they created a website as they got too busy to help the students without alot of automation.   It utilizes the power of social learning to help students prepare for their exams. Students can discuss their coursework in the online forums, compare projects (cheat free) and share their study resources. They also get updates from the system when a new message is posted and can (like Facebook) produce an individualized profile, friend people and send out personal messages.

Over the last few years a lot of brand-new services have been included. They now have lecturers who compose notes, prepare exam packs and facilitate the top end groups. In Premium Study Groups a lecturer is readily available in the group to assist in daily, talk through study concerns, provide recommendations on assignments and far more.


What is social learning?

Social learning is the learning we do with our peers, also called peer learning. It is students coming together and sharing their thoughts and concepts. Students can discuss ideas and offer their viewpoint on appropriate topics.

Remember that one of the greatest kinds of learning is teaching somebody else a principle. Not only does it make you think clearly about the problem you wish to explain, but the explaining keeps the knowledge in your head longer so that you can easily remember it in an assignment, test or examination.

Social learning is considered an extremely positive way to learn and universities around the globe motivate their students to spend time learning together. For every 5 students that are studying together, you get 5 various perspectives, which will significantly increase your understanding and thinking about any topic. Group learning means you take advantage of the knowledge and viewpoint and can dramatically increase each person\’s understanding.


Together We Pass Website

The Together We Pass site is where the study groups are situated. It not only offers you info on how the study groups work, but you can buy the study group in the online shop, and you log into the site to utilize your study groups when you have signed up with.

Together We Pass also prides itself on offering beneficial info for home study students, and you can find endless guides and free materials that assists you to do much better in your studies, whether you are with UNISA, Skills Academy or other institution.


Online forums

Together We Pass online forums permit students to come together online to obtain the benefit of social learning without needing to settle on a time or a location that fits all people interested in benefiting. As the group is online based, everybody can get involved on their own time and from any location they want.

Even on their phone– so anywhere is possible!

The forums allow students to open discussions on any pertinent topic. This can be on a specific topic and even on a specific project question. This can be reached a more complex topic to keep everybody inspired in their studies.

Remember that with Together We Pass the Premium Study Groups are facilitated by the educator. This indicates that they produce subjects for students to discuss about segments of the course and notes are published weekly to show learners what they need to currently be studying. They can also assist when students are struggling and lead a discussion on a hard topic so that all students takes advantage and learn together.


Assignment Evaluation

One if the crucial concerns facing distance learning learners is that they have nobody to talk with to take them through their task prior to submitting it for marking. This can feel really scary, as you have no idea if you are on the right track.

To help with this Together We Pass designed and developed an app that assists students compare assignments where there is no way for any learner to cheat. Together We Pass has actually been very clear that we do not condone plagiarism and will not offer the answers or allow students to share their answers with each other.

Instead, answers are taken into the app and it shows you in a percentage format the number of students agreed with your answer. If you see that no one is agreeing with your answer you can then pick the \”Discuss\” button and a subject is produced in the online forum on that concern, so that all learners can discuss how they reached their answer.

Again this is to increase every student\’s understanding of the coursework.

This function has been a huge success with learners and is among the key reasons as to why students join Together We Pass again and again and again.


Resource Library

The Together We Pass resource library has actually long given contention. It is the biggest library of resources available to UNISA learners, anywhere.

Learners have been sharing notes, past documents, past tasks and much more with each other since 2008. With time this constructed into such a mass of info that it, once again, became a huge draw for learners. Together We Pass has actually been clear that they are not offering resources– it is a sharing platform that operates as help to learners, to utilize to assist each other study.

However, UNISA was not pleased with the sharing of past papers and tutorial letters developed by their institution. In 2016 Together We Pass withdrew all previous documents and tutorial letters from the website.

All is not lost however. You are able to get an exam pack to assist you study for tests, which will assist you prepare for your last exam.


Study Notes

Together We Pass has been enabling students to share private study resources for the past 6 years. As we keep the resources year on year as a repository for future learners, we are now host to the biggest personal collection of resources readily available to learners anywhere!

Previous UNISA students have actually kindly shared their private study notes, past papers and tutorials with each other on our platform. As soon as you register, these will be made available to you. Bear in mind that these resources are exactly what have actually been shared by your fellow students and are various for each UNISA module.

Some of the study groups have notes composed by one of the Together We Pass educators. That is your premium and gold study groups for UNISA students. These study notes are a summary of the course product and assistance students to understand exactly what is the most fundamental parts to learn for the tests.


Together We Pass Examination Packs

Our Test Packs consist of answers to past papers, which learners are always extremely eager to find.

You will benefit by having the ability to review your development with your studies, do self evaluation, enhance your strategies on responding to concerns and you will have the ability to determine the do\’s and don\’ts throughout a test as far as the module is concerned.

Study Groups at Together We Pass

Together We Pass deals dynamic study groups. Study groups are an optimal circumstance, theoretically. If everybody follows the guidelines, they can be useful for all included. Students study well in a group since they are bound to pull their own weight.

Learners can share concepts and exercise issues that would be too difficult for a private to resolve alone. When one student describes a concept to another student, he/she strengthens the idea for him/herself. If the student had been studying alone, he/she might not have actually considered the gaps in his/her knowledge. A study group is useful intellectually however also mentally, as learners motivate each other to study.

Authorization at Together We Pass


Accreditation Number– 8585 000 259. 25 May 2016– 24 May 2021

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) is a QAP of FASSET and QCTO and in this capacity they accredit suppliers to offer accredited bookkeeping and accounting courses. That implies you can now study a fully accredited bookkeeping or accounting course and all you need to get started is grade 10.


UNISA and Together We Pass

Together We Pass has actually always helped UNISA students, though their offering has actually branched out recently. I think the concern is why do UNISA students find the services offered by Together We Pass so attractive?

In a range of ways Together We Pass helps UNISA students navigate their studies. Not just the useful, theoretical aid with the course material, but also ways to use, register or just get in touch with the university. Together We Pass has positioned themselves as the professionals on UNISA and are always willing to assist any and all UNISA learners no matter whether they are a paying client or not.


Most effective ways of applying at UNISA

It is actually a very involved procedure to apply to be a student at UNISA. Once again Together We Pass creates a comprehensive page of details on how to effectively apply to UNISA.

This is available for free to anybody thinking about applying to study at UNISA.


How to sign up at UNISA

When you have applied to study at UNISA and been accepted, you still have to register the specific subjects you want to study. This process is repeated every year as you choose what subjects to study each term.

This is quite a challenging area and it involves careful thinking and preparation on the part of the student on what topics they can and should take.

You need to take into consideration pre-requisites. This indicates making sure you have actually passed the subjects needed to write a particular module. This ends up being difficult when you are waiting on marks from UNISA to see if you will be enabled to write the next module.

Remember to search for the page on tips on how to handle this too– as you don\’t NEED to wait. Select topics where you are not awaiting outcomes. Otherwise it might result in you registering too late and will you lose months of your study time.

There is also a comprehensive page, with images, discussing how to sign up at UNISA.


Study tips for UNISA students

UNISA study tips are also a fantastic resource that Together We Pass offers, free on their site.

There are various pages you can review, composed either by Together We Pass personnel or by successful students wishing to share their study tips.  You can read the UNISA study tips from Together We Pass here, or the student study tips for UNISA here.

Also, do not forget the book Together We Pass published with Paperight– Now What? A guide to Studying At UNISA. This has plenty of valuable information and study tips– all home study learners should make certain they have a copy.


Study notes for UNISA students

Unisa study notes are one of the things in continuous demand. At the start of every term there is a scramble as students look for notes that will help them much better understand that terms topics.

Not only do learners seek other students study notes, but they also buy them from a number of companies that now provide these.

Together We Pass Gold and Premium subjects all feature a study pack of notes composed by our subjects experts. They even print and courier them to interested students, on demand.


Exam tips for UNISA students

UNISA exam tips are also a hot commodity. Again a good starting point is Now What? An overview of Studying at UNISA. Remember this is a free eBook that you can download from the Together We Pass website.

Once again there are a number of webpages with examination tips on Together We Pass.

They also have a complimentary brochure for UNISA exam preparation that you can download that particularly looks at the best ways to get ready for your UNISA tests. Again, either contact Together We Pass for a copy or you can download directly from the site.


UNISA Assignments

UNISA assignments are difficult, whether they are with multiple choice or written. There are between 2 and 4 assignments for each topic and they mostly compulsory and count towards your term mark.

As gone over formerly, students get very stressed about their UNISA assignments. The key way Together We Pass can assist with these is if you join their study groups and compare your assignments with other students.

Remember this is a cheat free zone, so do not sign up with if you are just looking for someone to do the work for you. You do need to do your own assignment and can then engage appropriately with other students to improve your understanding and your marks.

If you want tips on ways to approach the UNISA assignments take a look this UNISA assignment help page that gives all kinds of help and information that help with writing or submitting your assignments..


UNISA Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

UNISA MCQs are difficult! Even if a question is multiple choice does not imply you will find the answer simply by scanning the provided choices. UNISA are masters of the trick question and you actually need to know your work  to be able to successfully answer.

There are some real things you have to remember when you approach a MCQ question. Take a look on the Together We Pass website for resources that assist you know how to best approach these.

This booklet on how to conquer UNISA MCQ questions is a great first start for extra help.


Colleges that Together We Pass supports

Together We Pass only worked with UNISA students when it was launched in 2008.  Over the years  more services were added, and a variety of colleges signed up to use Together We Pass for study groups for their own students.

These are the colleges that offer study groups on Together We pass.


Home Study College

Home Study College is devoted to offering their students high quality, distance learning education. Home Study College has a range of bookkeeping, financial management, creative and computer-related fields available to learners. As well as entrepreneurial qualifications that will provide students the begin their profession they need, in the best possible way.

Their main objective is to better and simplify access to education. It is their aim to make sure that of their learners are provided the scholastic support that she or he needs to be successful. Everything they do at Home Study College is based on their belief that everyone has the right to study.

You can enhance your abilities, work much better, quicker and become more effective. These courses are designed with you in mind:.



It doesn\’t matter where you are in the world, you can reach Home Study College by phone or by means of e-mail.


TWP Academy

Founded by Together We Pass in 2015, TWP Academy focuses especially on accounting, but also on other business courses. They have a range of bookkeeping, financial management and entrepreneurial qualifications readily available for you to choose from. This will enable you to start your profession in the business environment.


TWP Academy focuses on using high quality Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) courses. This implies that our ICB qualifications are all certified and if you study through to the end you can get a National Diploma. The ICBA is a professional body connected to the ICB and you can become a member through your studies at the ICB. The ICB is a professional bookkeeping body that accredits private colleges to offer high quality Bookkeeping and Accounting courses. They were a QAP for FASSET, and have actually recently moved over to be a QAP for the QCTO.

The ICB courses are concentrated on these five streams:


You can become an official member of the ICB if you complete your studies through the ICB and TWP Academy. You will also have a certified qualification with your certificate awarded by FASSET.


Skills Academy

Skills Academy is a Distance Learning institution that allows students to study at their own pace. Students who are studying from home or while they are working benefit the most. While you work, this is an economical way to improve your CV.

Skills Academy has over 5,000 learners at the moment signed up on Together We Pass for study groups. These study groups are facilitated by educators and the students receive active support daily.

These courses develop skills needed to increase employability, to learn abilities you require in the work environment or if there is a promotion you have an interest in, in the work environment.

Skills Academy provides a variety of courses in various fields of study consisting of:.

A number of these courses are certified and they are created to better students\’ skills and knowledge in these fields of interest.


The Learning Group

The Learning Group offers you special benefits and important resources. This distance learning organization has a history of over 29 years of experience in Creative Studies. They have now extended their scope to Business associated courses.

The Learning Group was bought by Home Study Group in 2016 and were previously owned by SA College of Home Study in 2007. However, The Learning Group started in 1984.

The Learning Group makes learning problem free, basic and easy with consistent tutoring and support from your subject tutor.


Décor School

The Décor School is a partner institute of The Learning Group and focuses specifically on interior décor and interior design. Specialising in creative studies since 1984, The Décor School sets itself apart from other Distance Learning Colleges by offering its students a variety of exclusive advantages.

The Décor School deals with the requirements of the beginner and the more skilled interior designer who wants to learn more about the art, and wants to better their skills. They happily offer a variety of premium Interior Decorating and Design Courses, developed to accommodate all levels of experience.

The Décor School is for you if you are searching for Interior Decorating and Design Courses that cover the latest trends in the style industry. You also get a better understanding into the variety associated with this procedure.


Together We Pass Prices

These study groups are the base of Together We Pass and are mostly the main purpose of it.

These are the prices a UNISA student would have to pay in order to join:


ICB Study Groups – R400

Together We Pass wants to make sure that all students stand out at ICB courses. We have actually now put together a selection of the most pertinent info for students. You will have access to details concerning your examinations, assessments, the student portal and registration among others.

We think that Together We Pass is using a totally unique, high worth service that anybody will take advantage of. We want them all the very best with their brand-new venture of helping Matric learners, and we will be seeing thoroughly for brand-new products and services offered by this ingenious business.


UNISA student Free Study Groups – R0

These groups enable you to obtain assist from and compare assignments with the other students. There are often a few resources, but these are just exactly what has been shared by learners in the past – we can not ensure quality as we did not produce them ourselves. Primarily the group is for comparing assignments and discussing challenging topics amongst one another.


UNISA student Gold Study Groups – R300

These groups have no educator, however you get your support from and compare tasks with the other students taking that subject also. There are also study notes and an exam pack.


UNISA student Premium Study Groups – R600

These groups have a lecturer managing the study group, who is qualified in the field of study. They post in the group, supply study notes, examination packs and they help with queries. They also do all the tasks. This allows the educators to compare answers and correctly assist and assist our students.


Matric student Study Groups – R400

The Together We Pass Matric study groups are managed by subject professionals. Students have access to previous documents and notes to download in the resource library. An educator is also available to help with any discussions along with to address student\’s questions in the forums.


Together We Pass Contact Information

Together We Pass

Support: 021 838 8251


Facebook: Together We Pass on Facebook

Twitter: @TogetherWePass


Together We Pass Partner Contact Information


Skills Academy

Registrations and Enquiries Toll Free: 0800 39 00 27

Support Phone number:  021 838 8250



Home Study College

Registration: 0800 39 00 27

Support: 021 838 8250



The Learning Group



TWP Academy


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