Students with no Matric

No matric? Select the option that describes your situation and we shall give you the best advice and get you studying fast.

Are you struggling because you do not have a Matric certificate? Let us help you:

OR try one of these courses that do not need a Matric certificate

Here is a list of courses offered by Skills Academy which do not require Matric.

No Matric Courses to start with TWP Academy.

Are you older than 23? Did you fail Matric? Have you just left school? Or did you leave school many years ago, but now you wish to study?


You might think that because you haven’t got a Matric that now you can’t study.  You are not alone – did you know that half of all pupils who go to school, drop out of the school system before they even get to matric. And over half the pupils who write matric, can’t go on to further studies – because of the wrong subjects, or low marks, or simply not getting a place at a college or university.

Don’t worry! There are many opportunities to study further; with Skills Academy and TWP Academy you can still receive a quality education and achieve your career goals– even if you don’t have a Matric. You can start with an ICB Accredited course, which will provide you with a recognised qualification like the ICB Junior Bookkeeping Course. Check on this great article on News24 for even more info for on why you don’t always need a Matric: What is this obsession with Matric?

Last Updated: October 15, 2019