Skills Academy

Skills Academy are specialists in home study who believe that EVERYONE has a RIGHT to STUDY!

Home study has been around forever but now with the amazing advances in technology it’s even easier than ever before. There are many advantages to studying from home such as:

  • You can study and work at the same time
  • You do not have to travel every day
  • You can take care of your children while you study
  • You can study at your own pace
  • You can save money

When you choose to start studying a course, it is important to know that you are signed up with a reputable college. You will need to be registered with a college that has been through the accreditation process so that your potential employers will recognise your qualification. Skills Academy has passed these and all the other accreditation requirements in full.

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Address: Unit 53B, Mega Park
C/o Peter Barlow & Mill Streets
Bellville South

Last Updated: October 15, 2019