List Of Universities In South Africa

list of universities in south africa : List Of Universities In South Africa

Good Day Good People Of South Africa! We have put together a list of all the Universities you can find in South Africa.  Making that search for the right University a bit easier. 

In your search, you will take a look at their requirements, culture, location, price etc. So deciding on who you’re going to study is not easy.

When looking for a University, at first you’re going to know nothing about anything when it comes to these institutions. This is you basically going in ‘blind’. This is totally understandable since you’re new to this type of thing. But the disadvantage comes in when you could possibly end up making mistakes that you could easily avoid; by getting information from others who have done it before.

We will be your guide today.

When you know exactly how many institutions there are, you know that there is more to check out and more to explore, so you can truly make a good choice.  

With this list you will see where each University is located and the type of institution that they are: for example whether it is a distance learning institution or a technical university.

So go ahead and have a good, careful look through all of the options that are available to you.

Public Universities

Here are all of the Public Universities you can find in South Africa.

Western Cape



Eastern Cape

Free State



Public Universities (Distance Learning)

The One and Only Distance Learning Public University in South Africa.

Public Universities of Technology

Here are the Public Universities of Technology in South Africa.

Western Cape

Free State



Northern Cape




Written By: Robin Louw

Last Updated: May 18, 2018