List Of Colleges In South Africa

We have put together a list of colleges in South Africa.

You’ll understand how much of a help this list is when you understand the power of being organised.

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Public TVET Colleges

Don’t trap yourself with this thinking: “public tvet colleges don’t offer degrees, their courses are shorter, easier to do and cost less money. This means that it must be low quality education.”

Nope, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Firstly, employers look at way more than just a qualification when hiring people. Many people have started wonderful careers that started off with education from a TVET college.

This is the way courses are usually set up:

For a National Diploma for example:

  • You do about 18 months of theory.
  • Then 18 months of practical experience – gained through internships.    
  • At the end of your practical experience, you will then apply to the DHET for your National Diploma

When you are done you walk out with both practical experience on the job, and the knowledge gained from your studies.

How’s that for ‘lower quality education’? 

list of colleges in south africa List Of Colleges In South Africa

Western Cape

Eastern Cape





Free State

Northern Cape

North West

Written By: Robin Louw

Last Updated: October 15, 2019