ICB programme in entrepreneurship


Study the ICB programme in entrepreneurship if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. In a tough and competitive market, you need skills and knowledge of business that will give you an extra edge over your competitors. When you study entrepreneurship you will not only learn how to start a business but also how to manage, grow and expand it. If you study ICB (Institute for Certified Bookkeepers) Entrepreneurship courses you will learn about office administration, accounting, economics, finance and a whole lot more.


Have dreams of running your own company one day?


If you are a person who can spot a good business opportunity and does not easily let it pass, you should consider becoming an entrepreneur, if you are not already. Entrepreneurs play a vital role in the life of our economy, as they sell services, products, education, technologies and so much more to us, the consumers. If you study ICB Entrepreneurship courses with us, you will learn all the inside tricks on how to grow and advance your business to become a big player in the business world.

What is entrepreneurship?\"ICB


Entrepreneurs are people who have the willingness to start, grow, expand and effectively manage their own businesses. Most entrepreneurs share common characteristics like tenacity, a hard work ethic, confidence and so forth.

Not all entrepreneurs are alike, however they all must posses the drive to see their businesses thrive, to be leaders and trendsetters in society who are not afraid to follow their instincts. If an entrepreneur fails in one of his or her projects they must not be afraid to start over and try again.


ICB programme in entrepreneurship


The ICB or Institute of Certified Bookkeepers was established in 1931 with the aim of improving the quality and reputation of bookkeeping, office administration, accounting and other professions. The ICB’s qualifications are all accredited by the QCTO and all certificates are issued by FASSET. This implies that your qualification would be recognised by the South African government. So, if you thinking about studying ICB Entrepreneurship courses you can be sure that they are accredited.\"ICB

There are various college where you can study ICB Entrepreneurship courses. All of the following listed colleges offer quality support academically and have a good reputation. If you have always wanted to further your studies, but do not have the means of studying full-time, you can study through these distance learning colleges:

Skills Academy

TWP Academy

Learning Group

Home Study College

You can also get more information about the ICB here: Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)

Accredited Entrepreneurship Courses


There are many reputable companies that offer the ICB programme in entrepreneurship.  Here is a list of some of the best.

Skills Academy

ICB Entrepreneurship Programme


TWP Academy

ICB Entrepreneurship Programme


Learning Group

ICB Entrepreneurship Programme


Home Study College

ICB Entrepreneurship Programme


You may also visit the ICB\’s website to learn more about the entrepreneurship programme: ICB Entrepreneurship Programme

Learns skills that will help you in the real world



When you study entrepreneurship with the ICB you will be taught knowledge from different fields of which include: business management, accounting, research methods, finance and more. Other practical and personal skills you will be taught include:

  • How to manage staff
  • How to market and attract customers
  • Overseeing the payments made to employees
  • Budgeting
  • How to deal with sellers and those supplying the business with products or service
  • Organizing and motivating staff
  • How to analyse financial data


How ICB Entrepreneurship courses are structured


The ICB Entrepreneurship course is divided into 3 levels: foundation, intermediate and advanced. For each level completed you will receive a separate qualification. All ICB courses are fully accredited and are recognised by the South African government and professional bodies in the business industry.

The programme has three levels, that you can study over three years, as follows:

  1. Level 1 – Foundation Level
    1. Name of Qualification: Small Business Financial Management
    2. Award type: National Certificate
    3. NQF Level: 4
  1. Level 2 – Intermediate Level
    1. Name of Qualification: Office Administration
    2. Award type: National Higher Certificate
    3. NQF Level: 5
  1. Level 3 – Advanced Level
    1. Name of Qualification: Financial Accounting
    2. Award type: National Diploma
    3. NQF Level: 6

To find out more you can read the ICB Office Administration page on the Skills Academy website.

National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management: Foundation Level


In this course you will be able to analyse and compile financial reports, record financial transactions and gain knowledge of starting a business. To get a certificate for this course you have to complete 3 subjects.


Course National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management
Award type National Certificate
NQF level Level 4
Accredited by QCTO
Duration 9 months
Entrance requirements Grade 11 OR an NQF level 3 qualification

Higher Certificate: Office Administration: Intermediate Level


With a qualification in office administration you will be able to run any business more efficiently. You will also learn how to apply various fields of such as PR, marketing, business management, accounting, law to name a few to make your business successful. In order to get a certificate in this level you have to pass 5 subjects.


Course Higher Certificate: Office Administration
Award type National higher certificate
NQF level Level 5
Accredited by QCTO
Duration +15 months
Entrance requirements National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management (must include Entrepreneurship 1 subject)

National Diploma: Financial Accounting: Advanced Level


For this level you need to pass 4 subjects to get a diploma. With a qualification in financial accounting you will be able to budget, analyse global markets and research financial markets.


Course: National Diploma: Financial Accounting
Award type National diploma
NQF level Level 6
Accredited by QCTO
Duration +12 months
Entrance requirements ICB higher Certificate: Office Administration (must include the Entrepreneurship  2 subject).


Start studying today!



If you always wanted to study entrepreneurship, but working full- time you don’t have to leave your job. You can study at any of the previously mentioned home study colleges. If you decide to study ICB Entrepreneurship courses, you can be sure you will get a head start in the marketplace when you start your business. You will have the benefit of getting a well- rounded education to make your business a success. Another one to consider is the ICB Business Management course. These colleges also offer other ICB courses you can have a look at. For more information read the ICB prospectus page.

The colleges we have outlined are not only of a high quality, but they are also affordable and can be paid in monthly installments. You are thus able to work while you study and pay your fees off. They also won’t do any credit checks on your finances. If you were blacklisted in the past you won’t be barred from enrolling to anyone of these colleges. If you encounter financial trouble while you are studying, you also won’t be blacklisted. Your studies will be put on hold while you sort out your finances.

They have lecturers on standby ready to assist you with your questions about the work. You will also be able to take advantage of

Don’t waste any time, start studying with us now! Call us today on: 0800 39 00 27 and our consultants will answer your questions and enroll you. You can also enroll online and we will contact you soon.



Last Updated: April 3, 2019

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