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Just finished school and want to start studying but you don’t want to travel to a campus every day? Are you a working mom who wants to study, but very little time? Are you ambitious and want qualify in just six months? Or maybe you have a longer term plan to study on the side while working full time?

Whatever your situation, there will be an ICB study route that works for you. Skills Academy is a registered distance learning ICB provider, which means that we provide ICB full time courses, that you can finish at your own pace and your own time – all from the comfort of home.

By taking one of our ICB full time courses you will be accessing the most flexible and affordable way to study, while still getting support from a college. Skills Academy will send you the material you need for the courses you signed up for. Students who start one of our ICB full time courses have access to the college’s helpline and support structures. You work through the material yourself, at your own pace, wherever you are. At the end of your course, you’ll sit your final exam at an ICB Exam Centre nearest to you. Exams are held 5 times a year, in February, May, July, September, and November.

We are dedicated to providing our students with high-quality distance learning education. We focus on improving access to education, and it is our goal to make sure that each of our students is given the academic support that they need to succeed.


Get more details on our ICB full time courses by clicking the links below.

ICB: Business Management Programme

ICB: Financial Accounting Programme

ICB: Entrepreneurship Programme

ICB: Public Sector Accounting Programme

ICB: Office Administration

These Courses can also be studied with TWP Academy, they offer great service and great support to all their students. They are also affiliated with Together We Pass and offer free access to study groups for some of their courses. Here are a few of the course available with TWP Academy.

If you are interested in studying these courses but want to do so part-time, you can read the ICB Part-time Courses article to find out more.

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Last Updated: March 28, 2019

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