ICB Exam Registration Forms

The ICB exam registration forms are vital for you to complete in order to do your ICB assessments. You will need to fill in two forms and submit them to the ICB in order to be registered for your exams.

The first form is the ICB Learner details form. You must be registered with the ICB in order to be assessed for the ICB programmes.


The second form you will need to complete is the assessment entry form. This is your application for assessment and must be submitted when you begin your course.

You can download both of these forms below.

If you have previously completed other studies that are relevant to your current course, you can  apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and be exempt from certain learning areas.

3-4 weeks after the ICB has received your Assessment Entry Form, you will receive your ICB Portfolio of Evidence (PoE), which contains more information about your assessments. It also contains your unique Learner Number, which you must include on all your assessments in order for us to process them properly.

If you need further help registering with the ICB, contact the Skills Academy support centre on 021 838 8250

2016_ICB_Learner_Details_Form_v2.pdf 2016_ICB_Assessment_Entry_Form_v2.pdf

Last updated: November 8th 2016

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