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Everyone has dreams for him- or herself of bettering their lives and financial situation. If you never had the opportunity to study further or maybe not even matric, there is no need to give up on your career goals. You should consider distance learning as an alternative. If you are in particular interested in business management courses you should study through an FET college that offers accredited ICB business management courses. Some of the best colleges to study it are:

Skills Academy

TWP Academy

Learning Group

Home Study College

The business management courses that the ICB offer are fully accredited by several professional bodies as well as the South African government.


History of the Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers (ICB)


In 1931 the ICB came into being in an effort to regulate and supervise over the quality of professions such as accounting, bookkeeping, office administration and management.\"icb

ICB courses are all accredited on the National Qualifications Framework or NQF by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). FASSET issues the certifications and diplomas to those who graduate.

Since the ICB has long established itself in the business and accounting industries, it has gained recognition from several professional bodies in the industry. On the off chance that you graduate from an FET College with your qualifications from the ICB, you could become a member of one of these bodies.


Business Management overview?


If a business is disorganised and not flowing at a decent pace, it could be hit with huge financial losses. Big and small organizations, compete in the world market and need to be run as efficient as possible. Running a disorganised organization is the easiest way to lose revenue.\"ICB

A good sense of business management is vital to keeping a company on track and on target with goals. If you want a profession in business management, some of your obligations will include: overseeing employees, seeing to if tasks are running on schedule, giving staff assignments and overseeing them.

Business management is made up of a variety of areas such as: office administration, economics, IT , analysis and research in business. If you choose to study ICB business management with FET School you will develop a good knowledge of business management and its related fields.

We want you to find your feet in the field and train you so you can have the capacity to work in any environment.

Regardless of whether you may get a job in a large or small company. You should always strive as a business manager to align your staff with the objectives of the organization.

In your career as a business manager you will be challenged to apply knowledge from different areas to make an organization run more effectively. For example you will be asked to integrate various aspects of human resources management, customer service, sales, financial matters and office administration.

Studying via FET School will grant you the opportunity to develop a good understanding of business management. You will also have the chance to develop networks with other students. Some skills you will learn are:

  • Overseeing employees
  • Supervising over multiple tasks
  • Methods involving the training and employment of new staff
  • Establishing goals that support the objectives of the company
  • Creating and maintaining a workplace that is harmonious
  • Motivating and giving rewarding staff with incentives to help them perform better
  • Solving problems in a way that is creative and rational


Studying through a FET College


The FET colleges we have previously listed are home study colleges, which implies that you can work full-time while studying towards your career. In today’s harsh economy, we understand that it is difficult just to leave everything behind and study full-time.

Many other universities and colleges may demand that you pay your full study fees upon registration. However, we understand that you may not have that much amount of money lying around. Therefore the colleges we picked out for you only ask of you to pay on a monthly basis.

If you encounter financial troubles, they will put your studies on hold for you and won’t charge you extra. They want to help wherever they can to help you pursue your studies. Their fees are also affordable and within reasonable margins.\"ICB

These colleges want you to succeed and advance in your career and will help wherever possible. If you happen to finish your courses before the time, you don’t have to pay the remainder of the fees. You will only be charged for how long you study. So, if you study quick you also get to pay less.

We also want you to succeed in your studies. Therefore we picked out these colleges as their lecturers will always there to assist you. They will assist you with your queries about the coursework.

There are also integrated online study groups where you can interact with lecturers and other students to help you study better. On these groups you can also build new networks with other students.

The connections you make with others have the potential to last you a lifetime and can aid you in your career endeavours.

By interacting with different students in your course, you will come to realise that you are not alone in your struggles. By speaking with your lecturers and others you will also feel less alone in your studies.

We believe everyone has the right to study, no matter their background or past history. To prove we are serious about this aspect, we have colleges that don\’t screen your credit history. Even if you had financial trouble in the past, they won’t hold it against you. If you are committed to your studies and your dreams, we will help you every step.

We have set aside importation about the best distance learning colleges here: Colleges


Study ICB business management courses that accredited


You can be rest assured that your course it registered if you want to study ICB business management. ICB\’s courses are licensed by the QAP (Quality Confirmation Accomplice) for the QCTO (Quality Chamber for Exchanges and Occupations). All students certificates are issued by FASSET. Thus your qualification is recognised by the South African government.

In order to confirm that colleges abide by the ICB guidelines, the body sends inspectors to the colleges to investigate. The inspector will investigate if the college offers quality learning materials to students, if the lecturers are qualified and competent and if the correct policies are implemented.


FET Colleges that offer ICB Business Management courses


The ICB business administration courses that theses FET colleges offers only require that you have a grade 11 to enroll and are fully accredited. So if you don’t have a matric there is no need to panic, you can still study further.\"ICB

The full ICB business management courses have 3 levels: foundation, intermediate and advanced. 

On the off chance that you study through the ICB and FET School you would have a qualification after your first year of study. In the foundation level you work towards a national certificate in small business financial management and you need to pass 3 modules.

When you have finished the first level, you then proceed onward to the intermediate level where you need to pass 5 modules. If you finish the second level you get a higher certificate in office administration. For the third and last level you have to finish 4 modules to get a national diploma in financial accounting.


How are ICB Business Management courses structured?


You have what it takes to succeed in whatever career you choose for yourself. We realize that with support and motivation you can become whatever you dream of and more. The ICB business administration courses are comprised of 3 levels: foundation, intermediate and advanced. The ICB has a comprehensive overview of its Business Management programme; ICB Business Management


ICB Business Management Foundation Level

National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management


By studying for a certificate in small business financial management you open the door for yourself to become a much sought after business manager. Some careers you can look forward to if you obtain this certificate are: a salesperson, marketer or an assistant manager. To be admitted into this program you only need to have a grade 11.


Course National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management
Award type National Certificate
NQF level Level 4
Accredited by QCTO
Duration 12 – 18 months
Entrance requirements Grade 11 OR an NQF level 3 qualification

ICB Business Management Intermediate Level

Higher Certificate: Office Administration


Good business management is needed in any company that wished to succeed in the global market. By studying towards a Higher Certificate in Office Administration you gain the necessary skills to apply efficient business management in any setting. Some career opportunities with this qualification include: HR and office management, department supervisor or office administrator.


Course Higher Certificate: Office Administration
Award type National higher certificate
NQF level Level 5
Accredited by QCTO
Duration 22 – 30 months
Entrance requirements Grade 12 or complete the ICB Certified Junior Office Administrator module

ICB Business Management Advanced Level

National Diploma: Financial Accounting


Some careers that a diploma in financial accounting can lead you to: a business adviser, business and sales manager, financial accountant, and more.


Course: National Diploma: Financial Accounting
Award type National diploma
NQF level Level 6
Accredited by QCTO
Duration 48 – 60 months
Entrance requirements Grade 12 OR the ICB higher Certificate: Office Administration (must include the Business Management 2 subject).

Interested in a career in business management?


You don\’t need to give up on your career goals of becoming a business manager if you work on a full-time basis. Fees for distance learning colleges are reasonable and if you study fast, you could wind up paying less for your course.\"icb

Lecturers dependably on standby to help you with any issue you may have as to the work. Your study materials and books are couriered to you so can start studying.

If you study faster, you also pay less. You can pay your fees in regular monthly installments, so you can work and study while you pay off your tuition.

If you are worried that your bad credit from the past may keep them from studying, you shouldn\’t stress. No checks will be done on your financial history. If you happen to encounter financial difficulties, you won’t be kept from studying. You will be helped in any way possible.


Study with a FET College!


Begin considering today with a FET college for an ICB Business Management qualification. With a qualification in business management, your skills will be in high demand. The things you will learn and relationship you will develop with your fellow students and lecturers will be helpful in your career endeavours.

Last Updated: June 26 2017

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