Further Education and Training

FET colleges are vocational or occupational by nature, meaning that the student receives education and training for a specific range of jobs or employment possibilities. The courses offered by FET colleges are job-specific and can assist you in getting the practical training you need to enter the job market successfully.

This website will provide you with the information on what FET Colleges aim to do, and where you can study these courses.

Invest in your future – make sure that you enter a field with many job opportunities, and take advantage of the current skills shortage.

Further your Studies and Prevent Unemployment

In a recent newspaper article, they stated that the amount of qualified, jobless youth in South Africa is double the amount of job opportunities available.

According to the article, there are about 600,000 qualified and trained people with only 300,000 jobs available to them. The problem is that the qualified youth are not trained or qualified for the job opportunities available.

For instance – there is a shortage of people in the welding industry, but the youth who have degrees and other qualifications cannot weld! This was evident during the stadium constructions for the FIFA World Cup, where approximately 3000 welders had to be employed from overseas!


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Where can I Study at a FET College?

When searching for an FET College, make sure that the college are in fact registered with the Department of Higher Education.  A registered college has the right to offer vocational and occupational courses.

There are many FET Learning institutions where you can study in South Africa. When choosing a school, make sure you favour the learning style they practice. For instance – Do you want attend classes at a campus or do you prefer distance learning education training (home schooling).

Career Paths – How to choose a career

There are many aspects you need to consider when choosing a career path. Know your options and find out what each one can offer you. Also ask yourself what it is you can do, and really want to do. Know your strengths and your weaknesses.

Apply at a College

Now that you have made the decision to further your studies and at which college you are going to do it,  you can proceed to the college application process.

The college application process comprises of the application forms and application fees. Each college have a different procedure that they follow when student apply for a course of study. Make sure you understand your application forms and what you are signing for. This is probably the most important thing you can do when it comes to your college submission.

Reputable Learning Institutions

When enrolling for a course, make sure the teaching institute you are about to study at, are in fact a reputable learning institution. Many students fall in the trap of paying a large sum of money for a course that has no value in the job market.

Make sure that you study at a college that offers quality professional courses that will carry weight once you apply for a job one day. The better your qualification the greater your chance of getting a good job or a career advancement in your future.

Last Updated: October 15, 2019